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Tree comparisons

At Winter Hill we recognise that sometimes it can be hard to work out exactly which type of tree you want when faced with a wide variety and choice.

We have produced these comparisons to help you decide exactly which tree within a particular species is right for your garden or property. For each species we have highlighted the features of interest and the variations in form, colour and height. More information on specific growing conditions is available on the individual tree page on our website.

Good luck deciding!

Cedrus comparisons (pdf)

Cupressus comparisons (pdf)

Fraxinus - Ash comparisons (pdf)

Hedging comparisons (pdf)

Lagerstroemia comparisons (pdf)

Japanese Maple (pdf)

Picea comparisons (pdf)

Prunus/Cherry comparisons (pdf)

Prunus/Plum comparisons (pdf)

Pyrus - Pear comparisons (pdf)

Quercus - Oak comparisons (pdf)