The amazing technicolour Liquidambar

As the days have turned cold so have the leaves on the thousands of deciduous trees grown here at Winter Hill.  One of the most spectacular trees for early Autumn colour is the Liquidambar.

 I find it amazing that a single tree can have such a huge variety of colours showing at the one time.

This photo shows a row of 75 litre Liquidambar Styraciflua (American Sweetgum) currently in stock and in full colour here at Winter Hill Tree Farm.

Each of the colours are bright and beautiful on their own but together it creates an amazing display.  It’s hard to believe the mix of colours is not the work of a three year old child let loose in the paintbox!

But just like every child is unique so is every tree.  While the trees we have available for sale are in full colour the Liquidambar planted at the front of the Winter Hill show garden is resisting the call of Autumn and remains stubbornly green!



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