We recently dug some of the very large inground trees here on the farm at Winter Hill.

In this picture our boys and some of their good mates are checking out the size of the hole left when a single tree is removed.  It shows the size of the root ball we take when digging BIG inground trees.

We ensure our inground trees retain a fibrous root system by ripping around them each year.  Breaking the roots on a regular basis encourages new roots to grow so when we do come to dig them out of the ground the tree has a dense, fibrous root system that will allow it to adapt quickly to its new home.

The trees we dig out are given another root prune and then placed into bags half-filled with a potting mix prepared for specifically for Winter Hill (a bit like the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices!).

The size of the bag chosen depends on the size of the tree caliper and the root ball.  For these Pin Oaks we used 1000 litre bags and some 750 litre bags.

Each tree is positioned in the bag, filled with potting mix and then mulched, fertilised, connected to irrigation and trellis.  It’s heavy work given most of these trees are over 7 metres tall.

They look amazing when they’re all done and lined up…ready for sale within a few ‘good growing’ months.

These trees will be ready for sale again within a few months

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