New Look

Winter Hill Tree Farm has a new look, a new logo and a new website!! We hope you like it.

Why change?  Well, we have now been the proud owners of Winter Hill Tree Farm for 7 years so we decided it was time to really claim it as our own with a bit of a refresh given the business itself was established nearly 35 years ago.

Back in 2008 we returned to Australia looking for a new challenge after living and working overseas for several years.  We wanted to escape the city to raise our two young boys and the family joke is that we took the concept of a ‘tree change’ literally and bought a tree farm!!

The early days

No, at that stage we didn’t have a background in horticulture.  We didn’t even really have a background in farming. What we did know was that Winter Hill represented a wonderful opportunity to provide our kids with a great farm life in a vibrant community….and hopefully we could learn fast and maintain the reputation Winter Hill had across the industry as a supplier of good quality stock.

Over the last 7 years we have learnt a huge amount. We have been lucky. The previous owner and the horticulture industry have been very generous in providing advice and sharing their knowledge. We have also been lucky to have been surrounded by a great team of dedicated and experienced staff.

I’m very proud that at the same time as we have been busy raising our boys on fresh air and freedom we have also put in a huge amount of time upgrading the infrastructure and systems around the farm, improving our range and quality.

It is hard work. It is seven days (and many nights) a week.  It’s nervewracking when the winds pick up or the rain doesn’t come. Growing trees in pots means we can supply trees ready to plant year-round which is ultimate convenient service for our clients, but it does mean there is always something to be done. In our early days on the farm friends would visit expecting to see us sitting back simply watching the trees grow! Sounds divine but it’s a romantic and highly unrealistic notion.

Still it is a lovely way to live life and earn a living.

We have found that buying a tree makes people smile. It is a purchase made with hope for the future and an acknowledgment that nature is pretty amazing.

At Winter Hill we specialise in deciduous trees and as such a majority of our range transforms with every season. Walking around our 70 acres in Spring it is awash with blossom, in Summer the variety of cool green on display is amazing and Autumn is breathtaking. I marvel every year at the range of colours that compete for attention. Winter most of the trees are bare of leaves but then we get to enjoy the scuptural forms of the bare branches.

So here we are, seven years on.

Our new logo has been designed by a talented local designer Andy Toohey from Iceblink Creative. Our website has been updated with skill, patience and design expertise of Mitchell Ward at RockLily Design and Consulting using images I have taken over the years together with some fabulous shots by professional photographers Tony Sheffield from HighLife Magazine and freelance photographer Sue Stubbs.

We hope you like it.

John, Jaqui, Billy and Harry Cameron…. and Milo!

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