Autumn, why is it the perfect time to plant?

We say it a lot so I thought it time I explained exactly why Autumn is the perfect time to plant your mature trees and hedging.  At Winter Hill we grow most of our trees in pots which allows for year-round planting, but it’s undeniable that Autumn is the best time to plant.

As you would imagine it’s all about the weather, and in particular it’s all about the temperature of the soil. To put it very simply, (probably too simply but it will give you the idea) ,let’s go through the seasons.

In Winter, growth is limited.  Just like a bear, deciduous trees hibernate and lie relatively dormant over the cold Winter season.  

In Spring, as the soil starts to warm up there is a burst of growth and of course lots of effort goes into producing the divine blossoms we all love.

In Summer, trees are working hard to survive the heat by maintaining a healthy
level of moisture in their leaves.

In Autumn the temperatures are cooler.  Your new  plants will be less stressed by heat, they’ll require less water and the leaves will drop so the tree can start to relax a little.

But at the same time in Autumn the soil retains much of the lovely warmth generated throughout Summer, so while there isn’t much happening above ground, underground throughout Autumn the root systems of new plantings are still happily growing and being nurtured in the cosy conditions.

And that’s  important.  It means when Spring arrives your plants will already have a wonderful head start.  That deeper more established root growth will supply maximum water and nutrient needs to the plant to foster a fabulous Spring growth surge.

So get ready.  Autumn is approaching.  Take a deep breath, dig deep and be prepared to dig some nice big holes ready for your new trees!

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2 Responses to Autumn, why is it the perfect time to plant?

  1. Christine Swan says:

    Well done, a real pleasure to read. Your writing makes me think you are really getting a lovely feel for trees & gardening in general — you must take after your grandmother! She would have loved your business!!

  2. great!!!
    now i’ll surely plant my trees in autumn..
    Thanks for sharing such nice information…

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