Cool Shade

Don’t you just love the simple indulgence of sitting back under the shade of a tree to escape the Summer heat?  At Winter Hill we work all year surrounded by the most beautiful trees so over the  holidays it was a treat to simply sit back and relax beneath the mature trees in our show garden.

Do you have a favourite spot to sit?

I was going to style a couple of these shots but realised if I did set the table with a jug of iced water, a plate of watermelon and a book I wouldn’t move again for the rest of the day!

Under a Chinese Elm. The perfect place to read a good book...and have a snooze!

Sitting in the grove of ornamental pears beside the sculpture by Sandy Alsop. Time for afternoon tea?

Bolt takes a break in the shade of a Manchurian Pear

A shady spot under a Shademaster & Ruby Lace Gleditsia for a great design by Heidi Garden Art.

Under the Golden Robinia. My spot to sit and watch the boys play backyard cricket. (with another design by HeidiGardenArt)

My Christmas present. Canary yellow seating looking fabulous under a Pin Oak. Comfy and cool and my favourite place for a cocktail at the end of the day.

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  1. Mark Parker says:

    good shade ideas and nice idea to enjoy the nature with its shades..

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