Snowy Spring Surprise

Spring is wonderful time to wander around the farm literally being led by the nose! So it was a surprise last week to have snow cover the farm.

At the moment the perfume of the Syringa (Lilac) is magnificent. Then there are the Dogwoods and Crataegus in full blossom as are many of the Weeping Cherries with their blossom hanging like a perfect wedding bouquet and the Malus Ioensis Plena are bursting with buds about to open.

Weeping CherryFragrant Lilac Blossom







It is beautiful.

So it was extraordinary that only days ago we had snow!  Not just a dusting but a ‘blanket’ of snow lay heavily on the ground.  It was terribly pretty but very odd to see snow caught on the blossom.

Snowing in Spring!

And if you don’t believe me here are some pictures to prove it!!













And if you want to have a look here is a video to show you how magical it was.

Snowing in Spring!




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