The art of bark

Often the beauty of a tree is described by the colour of the foliage in Summer and Autumn or the fragrance and delicacy of the Spring blossom.  But don’t discount the beauty of the bark.  After the Autumn leaves have fallen the texture and colours of bark on bare trees really start to feature.

Can you walk past a mature Crepe Myrtle without stopping to run your hand over the shiney smooth surface of the bark? I think it looks like it has been polished.  The one featured in this picture looks like an elaborate sculpture. (thanks to the amazing garden photographer Sue Stubbs for the photograph).

There is the amazing colour and detail in the Snake Bark Maple, the vivid colour of the Coral Bark Maple, the blinding white of the White Himalayan Birch or the roughness of the Chinese Elm.   So as you’re walking through the fallen Autumn leaves don’t despair, instead look a little bit closer and appreciate the texture and colour of the bark.


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