Golden Christmas

It has been wet and unseasonably cold these last few weeks but at least there has been a ray of sunshine in the garden.  At this time of year the stand-out tree at Winter Hill is the Ulmus Glabra Lutescens (Golden Elm) with its magnificent yellow gold Summer colour.  

I actually refer to this as the ‘potato chip tree’ because the serrated leaves remind me of those old fashioned crinkle cut potato chips! Over Summer they have a really unique green gold colour that is a highlight in any garden and really catches your eye.


If you’re designing your own garden remember to consider trees that will provide a focal point at different times of the year. That’s not hard to achieve in Autumn and Spring with a huge range of deciduous trees providing colour and depth but it can be harder in Summer and Winter.

I love the Golden Elm in Summer.  The golden green is a highlight amongst the otherwise lush palette of cool shady green.

For Winter splendour I don’t think  you can go past the Weeping Apricot with its burst of flowing pink blossom contrasting the bare branches of other deciduous trees.  



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