Capital Pears

We have just finished potting up all our 75 litre Capital Pear trees.

Recently potted 75 litre Capital Pears

At each stage of potting we choose only the very best specimans to go to the next size. Each tree is underpruned, staked, connected to irrigation and then set out to ensure they have enough space to grow to form.

Each tree is staked, tied and connected to irrigation

Capital Pears only spread to around 3m so we can pack them in quite closely at this stage. These 75 litre trees are around 2.5m tall.

A perfect choice for a street tree or driveway Capital Pears are an ┬áincreasingly popular choice. They provide great Autumn colour, Spring blossom and lush Summer growth and in the Australian climate it also helps that they’re very hardy and drought tolerate.

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7 Responses to Capital Pears

  1. Christine Swan says:

    Wow – as usual I want a pear tree drive right now! Think I will steal the farm ute & come down to fill it up — . The little bit of extra information is a good idea.

  2. Steven Lee says:

    Can these be pruned back to maintain a height of 3-4metres?


    • Winter Hill Scribe says:

      With trees such as the Pyrus (Ornamental Pears) and the Pin Oak it is best to retain the central leader so they are not really suitable for pruning to restrict the height. If you have limited space perhaps consider a Redbud (Cercis Canadensis) or the Redbud Forest Pansy. Another alternative would be a Japanese Maple.

  3. Hoyt Rizer says:

    Your resource is really very informative. Keep posting that way.

  4. Levitra says:

    Hi mate! Amazing blog! I really enjoyed reading it.

  5. Louise smith says:

    Great to be able to ask a question.We live 900 metres from the beach but are protected from high winds etc.Are they salt tolerate ?

    • Winter Hill Scribe says:

      Pear trees are generally very hardy and considered moderately salt tolerant. I’ve doubled checked with our horticulturist who says if they’re protected as you say they should be okay.

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