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Christmas Trading Hours
The Winter Hill office will close for the festive season at noon on Friday 19 Dec and reopen on Mon 5th Jan. Over that time please don't hesitate to send through any queries via the 'Contact Us' button. All the very best for a safe and happy holiday.

Please Note: Winter Hill is a 70 acre farm requiring vehicle transport to access all stock. Retail and Wholesale customers are welcome during weekday office hours but we recommend calling in advance of your visit on (02) 4878 9193 to ensure our staff can be ready to assist you.

Winter Hill Tree Farm Blog

There is always lots happening at Winter Hill Tree Farm so we've started a blog to provide some insight into what we do and how we do it.

Our latest post ... Bare root vs Container Trees

If you're interested in trees and gardens you will no doubt have had a discussion...and perhaps even an argument...over whether it's better to buy and plant bare root stock over container grown trees.  I think it's a bit like the peanut butter argument.  If you're a fan of smooth over crunchy then nothing anyone says will convince you to change your opinion. You may accept there are those who ... Read more


Summer is the time to sit back in your garden and enjoy the fruits of your labour. It's about long lazy lunches with friends under the shade of your favourite mature trees, afternoon drinks watching the sun set and the cool of the day slowly rolling in. Modern day backyards have now become an extension of the house - we see them more as an extra room for entertaining, relaxing with family or a place for quiet contemplation under the shade of magnificent advanced trees. Backyards are so important and we often neglect them when initially planning our houses, but it is never too late to have your dreams grow...especially with the help of Winter Hill Tree Farm's huge range of mature trees and advanced hedging.

Now is a good time to reassess what your needs are for your garden. Do you have shade to sit under and do the kids have somewhere to play out of the sun? Then why not consider evergreen mature trees like a magnolia or Evergreen Ash. Do your neighbours look down on your little oasis, perhaps some privacy screening is needed. Winter Hill has advanced hedging including pittosporum and hedging conifers that will instantly stop any prying eyes. Is there a room in the house that becomes unbearably hot in summer, then consider advanced trees like our huge selection of pear trees and save on energy costs. Do you need to soften your hard landscaping (paving, decking etc) with some plantings that change with the seasons giving year round variety then perhaps consider a Lipstick Maple.

Why not call us to discuss your big tree and advanced shrub needs, our qualified horticulturists are on hand to help create your solutions.