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Winter Hill Tree Farm sells to retail as well as wholesale customers. Read more ...

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Our trees are grown to Natspec specifications. Read more ...

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Weeping Cherry Standard
A great standard Cherry with statuesque upright branches from which the bouquets of pale pink and white Spring blossom literally hang. We have fabulous 75 litre stock available now.

Please Note: Winter Hill is a 70 acre farm requiring vehicle transport to access all stock. Retail and Wholesale customers are welcome during weekday office hours but we recommend calling in advance of your visit on (02) 4878 9193 to ensure our staff can be ready to assist you.

Winter Hill Tree Farm Blog

There is always lots happening at Winter Hill Tree Farm so we've started a blog to provide some insight into what we do and how we do it.

Our latest post ... Bare root vs Container Trees

If you're interested in trees and gardens you will no doubt have had a discussion...and perhaps even an argument...over whether it's better to buy and plant bare root stock over container grown trees.  I think it's a bit like the peanut butter argument.  If you're a fan of smooth over crunchy then nothing anyone says will convince you to change your opinion. You may accept there are those who ... Read more


Great gardens start with beautiful trees from Winter Hill Tree Farm. Get serious about your garden this spring, select from our fabulous range of flowering trees and hedging shrubs now available.

Spring is the beginning of new life in the garden and nothing says that more than the deciduous magnolias with their magnificent goblets of colour appearing magically from bare winter stems.

Following closely are the ornamental cherries, plums and pears providing a gradual procession of spring blossoms from white through to deep pink. Extend your flowering garden with late bloomers like Crabapples, Hawthorns, Dogwoods, and Michelias.

Fresh new foliage produced by the maple family also add interest to your garden, some of the species having new growth in a variety of colours. Add some drama to the garden tapestry with the stunning spring foliage of Redbud Forest Pansy with plum coloured heart-shaped leaves.

So whether your garden is large or small, warm or cold, sunny or shady, Winter Hill Tree Farm has the plant to suit you.